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My birthday is imminent again, I'm going to be 26! But I must say, getting old is a pretty scary thought... 

I like to think of life as a book, with the years being reminiscent of chapters. And each time it's my birthday, a new chapter begins in my book of life. 

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament

2017-06-30 16:53:06 by JTBPreston

Edit: Maybe my first ever tournament being a one-off wasn't such a good idea. So, to compensate, I've made another tournament that is a carbon copy, but is available on a weekly basis.

I've made an online tournament on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe called J.T.B Kart Weekly. It's open every Saturday night and if you're lucky you might get a chance to race me! 

Each week, the tournament starts at 9:00pm and ends at 12:30am (UTC). 

Here's the code: 4203-2107-4731

Tournament Rules

100cc Grand Prix

No Teams

Normal Items


All Vehicles

No Smart Steering 

12 Races

Don't Switch

Open to Everyone 


I have a Nintendo Switch!

2017-03-03 17:52:24 by JTBPreston

Yes! Nintendo's new console is here at last! And I'm one of the first to own a Switch, since I had mine preordered on Amazon, in memory of my great aunt who passed away earlier this year. Click on the link below to see a photo of me holding the box it came in! 


Merry Christmas Once Again!

2016-12-26 17:15:53 by JTBPreston

Just wanted to express my holiday wishes to you even though we've gone past Christmas Day by now. 

Did you get any good presents yesterday? 

The Wyoming Incident Reaction

2016-10-31 18:15:17 by JTBPreston

This video is new to my YouTube channel. It is also the first to be filmed in my flat. In this video, I'm not reacting to a screamer this time, but some old video footage brought into the online limelight as a Creepypasta. There's creepy messages, scary faces and unnerving music. Watch and enjoy, I'm watching this scary video on YouTube just so you don't have to!  


From 24 to 25!

2016-09-30 17:48:43 by JTBPreston

Looks like I'll be something funnier than 24 very soon... 


Upcoming Projects

2016-08-25 18:33:35 by JTBPreston

Hey guys, here's a few things that are coming up in my art gallery: 

  • My School Sucks Part 3! 
  • More Ups & Downs of Life artwork! 
  • More character designs, including a female version of my character classes submission!
  • A sneak preview of Ups & Downs of Life! 

Instagram Update

2016-03-28 16:15:33 by JTBPreston

Tomorrow on Instagram, things are changing... Follow this link to find out more. 


More Super Mario Maker Levels!

2015-11-12 15:31:53 by JTBPreston

1 week ago, a few days before version 1.20 of Super Mario Maker came out (which lets you add checkpoints and context-sensitive power-ups to your levels), I've made 4 more levels. If you have the game, give them a shot and feel free to tip me some stars. 

Spinies Everywhere: AD12-0000-0124-F2EC

Bowser's Slam-Dunk: B15E-0000-00AF-0532

Junior's Funhouse of Doom: 4246-0000-00F5-85BA

Do the Thwomp!: F774-0000-00C8-13E8

An Hour Back We've Gone

2015-10-26 18:48:24 by JTBPreston

Enjoying your extra hour in bed? I am, it's great. Gives me a bit more time to dream...